how to create demand for your managed services

In the process the BDM has to find ways to add value to the sale. The sales BDM needs to become perceived as a value-added resource for the customer. This means someone who can offer ideas to solve key problems or find ways to help customers better exploit the opportunities that lie ahead.

A good way to create demand for your managed services is to think about how you can create events that are attractive to potential customers. For example, you could offer a free trial. In this program, a specified standard service is provided free of charge, and the customer does not pay for it for three to six months. The customer does not pay for it for three to six months, and then has the option to cancel or pay an ongoing monthly fee. We will provide you with the service and make sure that the contract has a clear ‘withdrawal’ clause so that if you leave at the end of the trial period, there are no strings attached and no payment is due.

This will sound risky and reckless. This is because the cost of implementation for any client is significant. However, we need to understand how much work a client has to do in order to run a trial. For our clients, this is just as daunting as implementing a normal managed service. The investment you make to start a trial helps justify why they should use your service at the end of the trial. And once they have experienced and appreciated your service, it will be harder for them to cancel. Why not consider running a programme like this to act as a catalyst for your customers to move to managed services

Problem of a customer satisfaction investigation

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Types of managed services sales

Selling managed services is very different from selling technology or telecommunications, and potential MS customers need to understand this clearly. It’s solution selling – creating solutions that hit the customer’s pain points, rather than selling a product with a specific feature at a specific price. One of the best Managed Services Sales Executives I’ve worked with over the years always asked his BDMs, “What’s the most compelling event that would cause this customer to buy? I think this sums up a key aspect of selling managed services. It’s not about meeting with customers to explain the services you offer and the value and benefits they bring. It is about meeting the customer at the right level, asking the right questions, listening carefully with clarity and understanding them fully. Only then can you think about how to communicate the solutions you might have.

There are two types of managed services sales: managed services-attached sales and managed services-led sales. An attached sale is when you are selling a technology or transport solution as a vendor. You sell the solution and then sell managed services on top of it. A managed services-led sale is when the trigger for the sale is the actual managed service. In an attach sale, the actual technology or transport solution is the attractive event. Most Managed Service sales are therefore keyed by an engaging event. Finding a compelling event is what you will do.

Whether you are going through a technological transformation, changing WAN (Wide Area Network) providers, making significant staff or budget cuts, mergers and acquisitions, or dealing with user opposition to your service offering All of these are potential triggers for considering a managed solution. In order to do this, it is important to first fully understand your environment. As a managed service provider, your job is to solve their key problems. And in the process, you have to find attractive events to market your services. Often, it is important to make sure that your prospective clients know about you and your services. That way, when a compelling event occurs, they will consider you as a potential solution.

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