Unit price to suit your needs

If the customer want a total price and volume model with no up-front payment, you can, Try to set different types of unit prices.
For example, if the customer has 3 major locations and 30 remote locations, try to set higher unit prices for the 3 locations. Those major locations are
lead to higher profitability in the first year.
There may be yet another core data center with a higher unit price that can generate the same early revenue.
Thus, you will be able to generate revenue early in the transaction.
One-year contracts with no initial cost must be avoided at all costs.
Also, two to three year contract periods with no initial cost are
There may be cancellation fees.
The most common cancellation fee amount is 50% of the remaining fee of the contract.
The cancellation fee decreases as time passes.
It is best to start with the standard cancellation fee of 75% of the remaining contract price.
For large custom contracts, you can negotiate up to 50%.

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