Core of money Gide service

A core of money Gide service isn’t a nice-looking business.
In other words, a really excellent engineer uses the expert knowledge and rescues customer’s crisis many times.
This isn’t a hero business.
More than 80 percent of employee who works by your operation?
Your platform has to be based so that I may promote so that I may go the contents which are indicated on the document you offer along.
20 percent of remaining employee is doing high-end engineering planning.
It’s being a foundation of a wonderful team to do those by a wonderful system.
But it isn’t possible to pay an excessive reward to more than 80 percent of this employee.
The price competitiveness and the profitability are influenced by how much to pay this support big.
So the engineer who is high-end and is high pay needs.
The human resources who design an offer with a platform and make them link those with your process would become the work force which is most important in the team and is high pay.
A high-end engineer is most valuable in the team and is the capture of high pay for certain.
The customer who knows these high-end engineers and a large-scale customer?
These engineers would be recognized as the most important value your service gives so that I have that when I’m a customer of large enterprise.
It’s regarded as the most important value your service gives.
It’s to measure the quality and the efficiency to have a perfect process document.
Many people’s of people (full-time equal sign and FTE) have to follow up the various items of the process in case of doing.
It’s necessary to specify the quality metrics which becomes a key.
Service level agreement (SLA) is an element indispensable for money Gide service.
A set of average SLA including RIMEDIESHON will be an average offer.
The target by which a customer is a penalty, for example it’s possible to be to limit SLA to a monthly charge for 1 site which couldn’t be achieved on the month and suppress a financial burden in a minimum.
It’s suitable for a logic to put “”center of excellence”” of SLA in the enterprise of delivery.
I decide not to give excessive risk to a business, imposing a penalty, so art and scientific knowledge are needed there.
In other words, I decide not to risk customer’s business.
When dealing with a large-scale custom item much, SLA is the important part of SOW (business description note) inevitably.
Negotiations of SLA will be the negotiations which often are very important and hang long.
It’s very important to be man who excels in the ability to estimate customer’s contractual courage so.
When there is this core competency in a team, I make dealings be formed, so need is indispensable.

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