How to Select a Leader

The work of a company is the result of the efforts of all its employees, but in order for the work to proceed efficiently, the role of a leader is necessary. In selecting this leader, it is important to do so in a way that all employees can agree on. In most companies, the decision is made by the human resources department, but in some small and medium-sized companies, the decision is made by the management on its own. In any case, the employee who is to be the leader must be trusted by his or her colleagues. It is possible for a mid-career employee to take on the role of leader, but in that case, it is preferable that the employee has been with the company for at least one year. By the way, when hiring mid-career, it is recommended to hire people who already have leadership experience at the time of application. The reason for this is simple: people with leadership experience are more likely to follow the lead of another employee.

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